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Something a lot of people won't think about until they have a bike that can't be ridden on the road, you'll need a trailer or truck to carry it.

Here are some pictures of what I built. A cheapo Harbor Freight 40x49 inch trailer rated for around 1000 pounds with 12 inch wheels. Had some telecom aluminum equipment rails that just happen to be about right for motorcycle wheels. And a bunch of steel that had to be welded. Couldn't even find any 3 inch angle iron locally, so I made it out of 1/8 inch thick plates. Anyway, here is what it looks like, just need to cut/grind off some of the sharp corners and install tie down points and it is done.

 trailer 1

trailer 2

trailer 3

trailer 4

trailer 5

trailer 6

trailer 7

trailer 8


There you go, pictures of the steps I took to getting this ready for two cycles. I also have more rails that I'll build up to a full size cycle for rescues and general shop work on my other bike.