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Had a good day at practice.

Did a bunch of laps, proved that several of the things I did to the motorcycle were effective, found out that it is really fast now. And one step closer to really racing. I've tried to get into racing motorcycles ever since I bought my first in 1991. Every time I got close, things kind of evaporated in front of me. And now I'm finally giving it a try, all these years later. I still feel I have a long way to go, there are still some problem areas that I need to fix, but I'm getting closer each time. At least it didn't come apart on me like last time I ran it.


Here are a couple videos from early in the day, just a single lap for now, hoping that I'll be able to cut together something decent from multiple cameras for the future. Still trying to feel my way around and it's clear I'm way off the pace, but I have enough power to defend myself on the straight. Need to improve on corning to get my times down where they need to be.


Clamped to the same mount that holds the front of the fairing, need to find a way to keep that mount from vibrating. That's the infrared lap counter sensor in the upper corner.



Clamped to the rear subframe, next to the exhaust. Was running a little lean on the main jet, the speed down the straight picked up a lot from when this was taken. I had a third camera rigged up, but the power connection seems to have slipped out, I'll get that fixed for next time.


Want to thank Ed for keeping this all together and organized, and all the people working at OVRP for making it a great track to run at.