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testing shift light

This is part 2 of probably 3 with the shift light. Finally have a signal adapter made.



No this site is not dead! Just had too many things getting in the way. I bought a signal generator to try and simulate the signal coming from the tachometer connection, it wasn't able to drive the devices I was trying to work with to make a signal invertor, but made for a good test rig to make sure the shift light was working.


And finally I was able to get the parts together to make a different signal generator that triggers from the spark plug wire.

adapter parts

Put everything on a bread board and did a quick test on my Kawasaki Z125 (more on that later). A few quick adjustments like not wrapping the pickup wire because it gave me multiple signals and I have something that can get soldered for a real prototype and tested with the shift light.

pickup testing

More on this as it advances.