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Here is a list of some affiliate links for Amazon products. Trying to keep this place ad free, but the expense piles up. You can give me a hand by buying stuff from an affiliate link. Doesn't cost you anything, but throws a small percentage back to me. I'll be adding more links as I buy and test stuff, but if there is a specific product you want, let me know and I'll make a link. - Hotec wirelees microphone black - Hotec wireless microphone graphite - Movo VXR10 shotgun microphone - Movo VXR400 stereo microphone - Motion Pro bead breaker - Primeweld Tig225X welder - Tire Spoons - Chain brushes - Chain degreaser - Chain lube - wiring harness Tesa tape - 13 tooth sprocket for Z125 - front LED flush mount turn signals for Z125 - Arashi rearsets for Z125 - Neverland folding pegs for universal 8mm - short brake and clutch levers for Z125 - Kemimoto rear swingarm spool adapters for Z125 - Motion Pro KLX110 quick turn throttle tube - BMC Performance Air Filter for Z125 - Heavy duty clutch for Z125 - T-Rex Racing no cut frame sliders