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carb full

Finally got the new carb. mounted and all the cables connected. Update May 14 - added a video

The throttle cable fit with no real problem, just had to take up the slack all the way. The choke cable for the start enrichening was a different story. First in order to have a cable operated start function, you need to order the Mikuni MEG03400 kit, this is a part that Sudco doesn't seem to know about, but many sellers do know about. Add about $30 to the cost of the carb.


When you hold the pieces together, you can immediately see what the problem is... You need to get the cable through the guide and locked into the valve, but the end of the cable can't fit.cable and meg03400


The fix for this was a rotary cutting tool to cut the aluminum on the end down so it fits through the guide.



Then need to grind some of the length off to fit the valve.




Then just put it all together and take up the slack, again this required all the adjustment on both adjusters (start and in the cable). It is still way too loose, but you get a full pull on the valve so it works fine. About as sloppy as the stock set up, so good enough. It was too cold to put gas in and fire it up, no idea about jetting yet and I'm using a high percentage ethanol fuel so it may be pretty big jets. But at least now I know where to buy jets unlike the stock carb. that comes with this motorcycle.