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Been a while since I made an entry, no this project has not been forgotten, just had some setbacks in life since the last article.


So here we are with part of one of my Skunk Works projects, a new carb. This is a Mikuni TM24 which is a flat slide, supposed to give better performance than a round slide carb. and part of that might be the straight through bore with a consistent size. Of course putting a new carb. on the engine is rarely and easy thing, unless someone has already kitted it up, you need things like cable adapters, intake manifold, choke/starter cable adapter, and then of course a large selection of jets since no one has published anything on this specific change. So here are the manifolds that I made:

intake manifolds


Left to right are version 1, version 4, and version 5 which is the one I will try to use. I probably need to make a 6th version which will help to smooth out the air flow near the flange. Version 1 was a simple pipe attached to a flange, the inner diameter was a little larger than the carb and head, so I decided that flow wouldn't be as good as it could be. And since I bought a new 3D printer after making the first version, version 2, 3, and 4 were printed to make sure I had the angles correct. With that we come to version 5, this version was a thick tube machine out to the correct inner diameter, and the outer was machined down to match the carb. mount spigot. Looking down the manifold you can kind of see how the diameter is "constant" all the way to the slide.

intake looking down


When I get the cables figured out I'll have to update this project, this does require buying a pull knob to cable starter enrichener for the side of the carb., I'll post the part number when I find it again. These are all currently one off manifolds made by hand, I can make more if anyone is interested, just use the contact or post in the forum.