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slide hammer

When working on R&R'ing a head, you'll need some special tools.

Since I have a rocker arm that needs to be replaced, and the rocker won't ship for two more days, time to pull things apart and do the clean up porting. In order to do this, the valves need to come out, and to do that the rockers need to come out. Instead of going out and buying the Yamaha rocker arm shaft puller and waiting for it to ship, I went out and got some pieces to build one.

Bought an 8 inch long 3/8 inch bolt and a bunch of threaded couplers. Found that I was able to jam the slider size into a much bigger size to increase the mass. Then all I needed was a couple of proper size to thread onto the bolt, and a 6mm and 8mm bolt to make the puller. A few ugly welds that I hope will hold, and you have the finished product. My flux core welder is not rated for metal this thick, but the stuff seemed to flow really well. Guess I'll find out how good a job it really might be when I pull the rockers and cam out of my head.

I'll write up the head clean up when I get it done in a few days.