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Good old safety wire, love it, hate it, doesn't matter because it is required.

Our organization is pretty forgiving on the safety wire aspects, I guess they have caught up with the fact that Loctite really works and self locking nuts also really work. Thanks be to them so I won't really detail this too much. But like many things I needed to make something for this task. Needed little tabs to lock the drain plug and filler cap to since there was nothing nearby.


wire tabs


A little brass sheet and some drills and shears.






I found that the 0.032 thick wire did not fit between the plates on the chain, thankfully I had purchased some thinner wire (0.024) and this fit fine.




I also drilled a couple of holes in the wire cans to hold the end of the wire.


wire cans


This next picture is of the most important safety wire tool you can have.


wire trash


This can prevents flat tires. You take any can with a soft flexible snap on lid, cut an X in the lid, and use it to hold all the little pieces of cut wire. This stuff is sharp! Your tires are soft. Get the picture? When the can is full, throw the entire can in the trash and get a new can.