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Another QuickTip, we are finding that a lot of the fasteners that are removed for one reason or another, need to be "fixed".

This set of thread restoring tools has seen a lot of work since I bought it to chase out some holes on a full size motorcycle. In theory you should always clean the old thread locking compound out of the holes, and clean off the bolts. These do a good job at that. But we are also finding that a lot of the holes are slightly damaged when the bolts come out, especially the spacer plate on the rear wheel that holds the sprocket. I'm very glad I bought these. the guys at Autozone where I bought them looked at me like I had two heads when I told them I wanted to buy it, this is normally one of their loaner tools. Picked out pieces from 2 different kits to get one that was really all new, and paid for it. Been really handy since. If you only ever work on metric fasteners, you might save a bunch of money by tracking down the metric only pieces, but I needed both metric and SAE so this was a good choice. Note, these are not taps/dies, they are for thread repair. If you try to tap a hole with them, the hole will be wrecked and you'll probably snap the tool. Buy real taps and dies for threading blanks. But note that taps are normally a little larger than these restoring tools. So if you buy only taps, you may hog out the holes you are trying to fix. Both tools really have a place, and both are fairly expensive.