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When last we saw this in the starter article, we were at about 4 pounds. Now this...

We found a local person to machine our flywheels down, started at just under 4 pounds after removing the starter clutch.

flywheel 1


After machining we are down to around 2 pounds 9 ounces.


flywheel 2


Here is a before and after machining picture so you can see what we cut off.


before and after


But what we found was that some of these have been balanced before riveting the magnet bell in place, this is a bit of a problem.


balance machining


Thankfully we found another local place that has spin balancing and got them fixed. Now in neutral these machines really spin up fast when you crack the throttle. A very significant gain here and well worth the trouble. No difference in starting or idling has been noticed.