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Time to install the rear wheel hugger.

Since the rear wheel was out to check the balance, it was time to install the rear wheel hugger fender. Some tracks require a hugger or fender of some kind be installed, mine came as part of the race kit from SVRacing Parts. It's another fiberglass piece, but I'm not sure why they made it from fiberglass and not vacuum formed ABS sheet or something similar. Anyway, working with fiberglass without owning the proper tools is always frustrating, and this did not disappoint.


First things first, assuming that you have the rear wheel out, the back will already be up in the air. That's good, mine was on the rear wheel (spool) stand from the race kit. But since you need to remove the bolt from the shock, you will also need to put a jack or block under the engine to keep the frame from falling when the lower shock mounting bolt is removed.


jacking back end


My trusty cheap screw jack at work again under the swingarm mount/pivot. Once you pull the bolt out, there is another thing in the way. The rear brake line has an attachment point right where the hugger touches down. For the time being, you should remove this bolt and move the line out of the way.


brake line bolt


Then slide the hugger in place. I set the wheel on the axle to check for fit, mine had plenty of room so off to marking spots for the holes. The hugger is held on by the lower shock mounting bolt, and three cable ties.


checking clearance


Carefully drill a great big hole in each side of the fiberglass for the bolt to slide through. Use the new bolt and washers supplied with the hugger. I cracked one side of mine and had to break out the glue. If you have a rotary cutting tool, you may want to use it to make the holes.


drill locations


drilled holes


After that, you will need to cut out a big chunk for the brake line mount, and three small slots for the cable ties. Two slots on the right side, one on the left side.


right side


Then just put it all together.


right side mounted


right side 2


left side


After putting the wheel back in place, and rotating it, I could hear some rubbing. Check for clearance from the chain.


chain clearance problem


I had to cut a chunk out of the left side to give a little clearance on the chain.


chain clearance cut


All in all, it turned out OK. That said, I will probably go back and drill and tap the swingarm and attach this hugger with screws instead of the cable ties. I would have do so at this time, but didn't have any metric cap screws or taps with me. Something for another day.


hugger complete