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Just a short article on balancing the wheels.

Many people wouldn't bother with balancing the wheels on these little cycles, but glad I went ahead and checked mine.


It all started with a cheapo Harbor Freight static wheel balancer. Read the reviews and mine had all the problems, stiff bearings, bent axle, cones that don't sit properly on the axle. So what I did to fix it was the drill two new holes and move one of the sides closer, then use the cycle's axle to hold everything in place. This worked out very well for the front wheel. The rear wheel is a little tighter fit to get both the brake rotor and the drive sprocket between the rollers.

tire balancer


The front wheel turned out pretty good, only needed 1/4 ounce (about 7 grams) and could have used another half that to be really correct. Need to find something other than cheap steel weights so it is easier to cut them.


front wheel


Then on the to back wheel, this is where it became needed. Put 1.5 ounces all centered around the valve stem (normally the heavy spot). That would have shaken the cycle enough to be a problem going down the straights.


rear wheel


Some tracks require wheel weights get tape covering them to reduce the chances that they fly off. I need to go find some white duct tape. All in all, pretty simple so I didn't feel it warranted too much detail but thought it was worth mentioning.