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This is the first part of the starter motor removal process, most of you will probably stop at the end of this procedure since it gets the bulk of the weight out of the way.

But I'm not most people, so keep an eye out for part 2.


The starter hangs off the front of the motor near the front wheel and comes out pretty easily with common tools.

starter motor


You need to cut a couple of cable ties to pull the power cable down. I guess you could leave the cable if you really don't want to fool with it, but might as well grab every gram back. It will also drop a 6 conductor ribbon cable, need to figure this one out and see if we can use it for anything. Probably just speedometer, but who knows.


cable ties



Next pull out the bolts from the starter and disconnect the cable.

starter bolts

starter cable 

Then pull the starter straight out.

starter out


You can now see the empty hole, wipe it clean and jam the plug from the racing kit in it.


A little bit of oil on the O ring and a bunch of brute force will seat the plug.


You need to remove the bracket under the engine to pull the wire out, or cut it where you can and pull it out this way.


Replace the bracket when you are done. You have now saved yourself 2 pounds, 14.5 ounces of useless weight.

extra weight