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The last of the low hanging fruit - KRP rearset install.

The last fairly simple bit of work is the rearset install. This came as part of the racing kit from SV Racing Parts and is a KAYO Racing Performance product. It's mostly a nice set of parts but there are a few things that could have been done better. Fit and finish of the actual rearset is very nice, they look good and should provide a bit of needed leg room for the larger rider. Install was mostly straight forward, only real issues were the front sprocket cover and the main mounting bolts. The front sprocket cover needs to be removed in order to remove the stock shift lever.

front sprocket cover


The main mounting bolts have a ton of locking compound on them, you need to use a lot of force. If you have them, use a metric socket hex wrench, the long L style wrenches I used were just about at the limit before the bolts broke free.


mounting bolts


Once you have them out, clean up the holes and bolts with some solvent to remove the old compound. Then apply some fresh Loctite of choice, I used blue but may need to go back later to used the red if it doesn't hold. Red is probably safer from the start but I do expect to pull these off at least one more time. I had a bunch of parts leftover, bolts and a spacer. Couldn't find any reason to need the spacer since the rear master cylinder lined up correctly. Shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Plenty of length on the brake line, probably plenty of adjustment for the shift linkage. Won't really know more until I get the seat back on and try riding it again.

The one big oddity with this set is the clamp for the shift shaft, it's almost like it was an afterthought. It is way too big on the shaft, isn't sculpted the way the rest of the pieces are sculpted. it's very similar to what I might knock out on my little milling machine. Definitely room for improvement, and this was the one thing another rider told me about these parts. The force required to tighten the clamp onto the shaft is fairly close to the breaking point of the little bolt, it's something I'll have to fix, even if it requires making a new piece myself. You'll need to put the front sprocket cover back in place before installing this clamp, and then there might be some interference with the cover. This cover is plastic so eventually it will lose the interference fight.

shift linkage clamp

The other thing that really stuck me as wrong was the bolt head on the pegs... The 13mm wrench didn't fit, the 14mm wrench was extremely loose. Tried an SAE 9/16 wrench and it was extremely loose too. I'm finding that many of the fasteners are just sloppy in their tolerances. The 14mm worked but it would be really easy to round the corners off. Overall the quality seems good, actually much better than the stock rearsets. The black color adds to the all white bodywork, if you are going to paint it might be different. But overall worth the money to get a little adjust-ability for your feet.


Didn't get a picture of the other side, so only have the brake side. And due to the warm weather I can only really work on this at night, so pictures are with flash from my little point and shoot camera.