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Got my shipping scales yesterday and started today with weighing the cycle.

The total comes out pretty close to the specified weight at around 187.5 pounds no fuel.

Front was 94.1 pounds and rear was 93.3 (+ or - half a pound per scale accuracy, also this was no fuel).

That's all fine and dandy until you sit on it. My 147 pounds (no gear) added around 55 to the front and 88 to the rear (now 149.1 front and 181.3 rear), need to get more accurate measurements as these were rough, but you can see the weight bias shift to the rear a lot. No way I'm going to put the larger rear seat on this, that would just push the weight farther back and really mess up the bias. Need to find a way to shift the weight forward. 

So what does this all mean, well its a bench mark for all other mods like lightening the flywheel, removing the electric starter system, etc. I'm going to try and keep a running tab on the weight and will certainly be tracking the front rear bias as it is important to handling.