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Project 3 is starting, or why I can't ever seem to go with the crowd and do this the easy way.

Here we see the harder way. New cam (pretty standard stuff), 13:1 piston for a Raptor 125, and Mikuni TM24 flatslide carb. Most people will probably go with the standard cam, VM24 carb., and 11:1 TTR piston. Knowing that more compression ratio makes more power, we chose to gamble with the 13:1 Raptor piston. There are a few guys using these in their TTR125's so there is precedent to suggest this is an easy drop in mod. Blair is almost done with his intake for the VM24 carb. and will be selling it as a kit for decent prices, but I read the info on Sudco and Mikuni America's sites, and the TM is supposed to make more power for the same size venturi, I'll get into my thoughts on this later. I'll need to make a new intake manifold to bolt to the head and come out to the spigot on the back of the carb., hoping that I can get the "aluminum brazing" stuff to work since I don't have a MIG that can take gas so I could weld the aluminum I'm going to use to make the manifold.

What's really holding me up is the lack of new rocker arms, if I had them in my hand, the cam and piston would go in this weekend and I'd just run the stock carb. for a bit and hope it worked OK. Not going to put the new cam in with needing to run a used rocker, just doesn't feel right. Anyway, combined with project 2 this should make a big difference in power. Might need a better exhaust to really see the gains though.