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Here is the first project for the Skunk Works area.

It all starts with the flywheel. Bought a used TTR125 flywheel for small money on ebay, decided it would be the experiment part for something. We've been looking at the massive charging system and thinking that there is a lot of wasted energy in unused electricity being shunted to ground, and a loss of energy in the magnetic interaction between the flywheel magnets and the stator. Been thinking that running from a battery with a "total loss" system could net some pretty big gains (hoping for 5 to 10 percent) increase. As part of another thought we have been kicking around, I started by making a degree template so I could scribe lines in the flywheel.

degree wheel


Then after scribing the lines, it was time to try my hand at cutting the weight down. Not a cost effective method on my little milling machine.




Then time to attack the magnets.


magnet 1


After much heat, they are out and the flywheel is now down to just under 3 pounds (half a pound heavier than my other flywheel). Not sure if I will cut this down more, but probably will in time.


magnet 2


Now I know what you are thinking, "would be a shame if all this work was done and the bike didn't run on a battery". Way ahead of you. Had it running on a battery long before doing any of this work. It runs just fine and may even start easier because the ignition has full voltage when you are kicking. I bought a 2 amp hour radio control hobby pack made of 4 series, 1 parallel LiFePO4 cells which is around 14.4 volts fresh off the charger. This is right around where the regulator runs the full charging system.


There is a lot more to come on this topic, but time and the ability to race might slow this part down. Wishing I had a dyno to do some testing for a hard numbers comparison.


10/6/16 After comparing this TTR flywheel to the stock KAYO flywheel, I'm finding that there is a difference in diameter. The TTR flywheel would not fit the generator coils, it's about 1/4 inch in diameter smaller than the KAYO flywheel. I'm guessing that the TTR LE flywheel (the one with full generator) will be the same size. What's the implication here? That if you put the smaller diameter flywheel on your engine, you will also need to make a new bracket for the ignition pickup to move it close enough to function. This might also force you to put in slots so you can adjust the timing a little, something that I might do as this project evolves.