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This area is where I will be putting the stuff that no longer falls into the "normal" categories.

You must be registered and logged in to read them, registration is free and only requires a valid email address. I'm not going to sell your info or send you junk, hoping it will produce some forum discussions. Seeing the Skunk Works forum section requires being registered as well. Register with the create an account on the right side of any page, may be different in a mobile or small browser, but it will be there somewhere. Again it costs nothing, no hoops to jump through, just need a valid email address to activate the account (same as most places).


[edit] - I have opened all the posts in this section so that everyone can read them. The experiment of getting you to register so that there might be some discussions in the forum failed. I may very well shut down the forum as it is mostly a place for determined spammers to try and make a dime with their links to junk.



The start of Skunk Works project 1 has been posted.

degree wheel


Project 2 is essentially finished, results will be known soon but it does seem to provide better flow into the cylinder and keeping the air/fuel mixed better for a better burn (sorry no picture). Coupled with project 3 and it should produce some really good gains. Need to build a dyno to find out how much.


Project 3 is also started, this one is "why I can't seem to follow the crowd and take the easy way" (carb, cam, piston). This set will be different from what others are offering, yet still 54mm bore to stay in the 125cc class.

new parts