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Pretty deflated, practice coming up on Saturday (2 days from now)...

And I find out it is an open practice. What does that mean? It generally means standing around for 2 hours watching Karts run the track before I can get out there for 5 minutes, to come back and watch the Karts again. Maybe after all this work I should just put it up for the Winter and hope next year will be better. The only alternative is just go ahead and register for the races and go out there to be a rolling chicane for the rest for the racers.


And to top it off, my Innovative o2 meter stopped working, so tuning the main jet is that much harder and wastes that many more sessions. Time to go back to work on the dyno as that will be the only way to get this thing tuned up. Doesn't help with poor rider technique, but at least the engine would be working optimally.