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Another practice day coming up.

And what's different is that this is going to be motorcycles only. From the NYminiGP Facebook page, Ed says:

"With the anticipated introduction to the new Supermoto and Scooter Classes we will be adding into our 2018 schedule, we have modified our practice days for the remainder of the 2017 season to accommodate both moving forward. The daily practice schedule is as follows:

We will run a 5 class rotation

Beginner Class: This class is for riders with little to no experience riding a motorcycle. (Adults & Kids) Experienced coaches will be on-track with the riders during their session as well as off-track drills and classroom time.

***In the event there are no beginners registered for the practice day, we will eliminate the beginner session and the four following classes will exclusively be in rotation.***

Novice Class: Class is designed for all adults and kids that have experience riding a motorcycle and have competed in either a Sprint and/or Endurance Race. As like the beginner class, there will be controlled riders out on track for additional help and training. Typical bikes on track will not exceed F1 rules.

Advanced Class: Advanced Class will react as an open practice day for all displacement motorcycles 100cc to 230cc 4 stroke, 50cc to 85cc 2-stroke. As like the other two classes, there will be coaches on track for assistance although we expect that people practicing in this class have raced in a minigp series and/or have extensive experience riding a motorcycle.

SuperMoto Class: This class is designed for those interested in taking their skills to the next level and want to learn Supermoto Racing. Supermoto is a combination of Dirt and Asphalt and has started to gain a lot of interest and traction at OVRP. Bikes allowed in this class are as follows:
All displacement bikes ranging from 85cc to 701cc. 
No sportbike-style motorcycles (i.e. Ninja 300's)
No knobbies.

Scooter Class: Class is designed for all 2 stroke scooters with the following displacements: 50cc, 90cc, 90cc Modified and 125cc. This will be an open scooter practice where all displacements are on-track at the same time."


Hopefully there won't be any issues next year for a full year of racing. My KAYO is just about ready, need to set the main jet, and of course my Innovate o2 system is broken which makes life a little harder, but I think I'm close. I'll probably be in the Novice class, at least until someone decides I am fast enough to move up and start racing. Made some changes to the clip-ons by moving them forward a little. This has them just about as far forward as possible without hitting the fairing when at steering lock. I also made some  extension plates for the rearsets, this moved them back about 3 inches and gets my knees just below my elbows for a better fit on the bike without having to put the other seat on and move a lot of weight to the rear tire.


I have places for 4 little cameras, but having problems with the cameras and hoping I have everything working by Saturday for a shake down. The rearset extension and cameras will get detailed after I work out any bugs. Watch for future articles on these and more.